About us

We are two students, living in Vienna – Austria. Like so many other people in the world we share one great interest. Nature – and all the products we can receive from it. Especially food ;-)
It's a pleasure to wander through forests and fields, gathering edible plants and trying new dishes using them.
First of all it should be said - you already may have noticed - English is not our mother tongue. So please excuse any mistakes we make. We hope our texts are understandable nonetheless. Why we write our blog in English then, you may ask? Well, we make this blog just for the fun of it. Therefore it's a good occasion to practise our language skills, at least in written form. Where else should we have this possibility? So please feel free to correct our English if you like to.
But let's come back to Vienna again. What is there to be said furthermore? Just one thing. It's great!
Okay, to be true, the really urban areas are like they are in most other larger cities. But who's going to harp on about it? It's more the nature-part we are talking about. And in this point, Vienna is really outstanding.
51% of its area is green, including 850 city parks, the huge meadow “Nationalpark Donauauen”, the old, imperial “Lainzer Tiergarten” as a part of the Vienna Woods and a lot more forest areas.
Our flat is located at the city boundary, about 50 metres from the edge of the Vienna Woods. And that is what it makes so great to live here. It combines the advantages of an urban infrastructure with the calmness of rural areas, the green, neat and fresh environment.
(Okay, it has disadvantages too. Driving 45 minutes to university or work, crossing only half of Vienna's diameter is one of it. But that's negligible ;-))

Our “nature-project”
Studying and working keeps us inside most of the time. To compensate that we want to spend more time outside. Wandering through nature you can find lot of comestibles and drugs. With this blog we want to document our experiments and we would feel happy if you decide to look into this subject yourself.

Warning: We are no professionals! Don't pick any plants if you are not 100% sure which plants they are! Some plants have inedible or even poisonous look-alikes and you should always be very careful.Our blog is no specialist literature! We only want to share our experiences and stories. We strongly advise you to check with professionals or approved literature before gathering plants.

For us, the Latin term „cenaturimus“ is perfect to describe our interests. In it you can find the German word for „nature“. Any guess? Okay, „Natur“ isn't that different, is it? ;-) But if you translate it entirely, it means „we want to eat“ or „we eat“ (according to different translators – we barely know Latin ;-))

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